Study Abroad Tour – What’s That About?


Study Abroad Tours might seem redundant to some of us international students because technically studying in the United States is studying abroad. However, as someone who recently went on a study tour, I would highly recommend it because:

  1. Travelling is great but it can be tiring to plan everything out and be responsible for everything. Study tour is a great way to travel, do fun, independent things, but also have the technical things taken care of.
  2. You get to make great friends. Being in a foreign country with someone will end up in you guys being great friends because you spend a lot of time together and also share new experiences.
  3. This will prepare you for future, solo adventures because you will learn to adapt to a new culture, possibly communicate with people who do not speak the same language as you, and figure out how to get to new places.
  4. Study tours are designed such that you do the important, educational stuff, but you also have plenty of time to explore the city.
  5. You get to see the world! How exciting!

Here are some cool pictures from London and Paris from my tour:


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