19 things every DAAPer has done

DAAPers. DAAP kids. These words all mean the same thing: students in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning (DAAP), and I’m one of them. We’re known for our lack of sleep and our signature quirkiness, and we’ve all done most (if not all) of the following:

1. Used the elevator to go up one floor
It’s been a long week, you haven’t slept in 72 hours and you don’t CARE. ANY. MORE.



2. Had more caffeine in your system than H2O
We all have than one friend who always brings the coffee maker in the beginning of the semester.


3. Used your rich friend’s meal swipe
You’d better make friends with the freshmen. $$$


4. Broken at least one safety rule in the woodshop
Jim is a nice guy…WE ALL LOVE JIM


5. Lived in a constant state of “being tired”
Yup, we all show up to class like a zombie.


6. Created your own snack from scratch
We all have tried to be creative with our midnight snack without burning the microwave.


7. Had an “aweee” expression when you saw the future DAAP kids on a campus tour
How sweet!! Enjoy your last few days of freedom </3


8. Gossiped about other sections
There’s always that one section.


9. Left your work until Sunday night
What is student life if you don’t procrastinate and complain about it on Sunday night?

giphy (1).gif

10. Gone shopping for materials in the recycling bin
All these freshmen wasting tons of material…SMH


11. Slept in the hammock
It smells like feet but, hey!


12. Been late to class because you stayed up all night
Aye! Gluing is no joke!!



13. Took food from the events in DAAP
We all pretended we cared for the seminars and soirees just to get the tiny fancy looking entrees.

giphy (1).gif

14. Owned a Plaza membership
Nothing beats that 15% off art supplies when DAAP store is trying to scam.

giphy (2).gif

15. Thought your first week was stressful
But wait, it gets better!


16. Got excited when you saw your fellow DAAPer outside of DAAP

giphy (3).gif

17. Your roommate thought you were a ghost because you only go home for 3 hours for sleep, a meal, and a hot shower
Roommate: DO I KNOW YOU?
Me: *runs away*


18. When you put zero work and effort and your teacher likes your work
Teacher: I like your work
Me: *Gasps in Spanish*


19. Had an intense love/hate relationship with DAAP
You hate it when you’re in it but you miss it when you’re gone on co-ops and breaks.

i hate them i love them but i hate them season 3 GIF by Broad City






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