in Winter, in Summer

This winter break, I flew to Florida. It’s a great time to escape winter and enter warmer places, also it’s time to travel around in the USA, to experience different feelings.

  • Orlando

We spent a week there, and one word can describe that: Crazy! We had lots of fun spending Disney World and Universal. To be honest, I don’t want to leave there, even though we had a busy schedule every day, happiness always follows after that.


  • St. Augustin

When I got there, two words were just showing in my mind: the beauty of fairy tale and peace of sea.

St. Augustine is in western of Florida, also is called the “oldest city in the United States” – the earliest European colony on the North American continent. St. Augustine is often shown on the shortlist of “America’s Most Beautiful 10 Small Towns”. It’s a seaside town of 13,000 people left behind with its long history and well-preserved European charm. I must say that I fell in love with this city from the very first moment I met her. Gentle wind, soft sand, refreshing breeze, all of these just caught my mind.


We came back from Jacksonville, we just spent most wonderful time there. Now, it starts to work for a new semester in a new year!

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