I am Pranita. I just spent 5 hours trying to find a cute picture of me, but I failed. This picture is straight outta my Instagram. This is from my Paris tour in 2017!

I am an international student ambassador here. I am from Nepal. I met Benedict Cumberbatch when he was filming Dr. Strange in Nepal. Okay maybe I didn’t *meet* him, but I definitely saw him and we waved.

I am a second year student double majoring in Chemistry and Communication. People always ask me why this weird combination. To quote the teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana, “You get the best of both worlds!”

I have been here for a year and a half now. I have been to 9 U.S states, and traveled to 6 countries so far. Studying in the United States has been an amazing experience so far.

I live on-campus, and pretty much eat at the dining halls most of the time. I am in 3 student organizations that I really care about. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can find me wasting my time with my friends at the movies or at one of our apartments. On Sunday evenings, you can find me at the library catching up on all my work.

Come say hi!

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