Chinese New Year

It’s our Chinese Lunar New Year on February 16th last week. The traditional thing in China is that all the family members get together to have a nice dinner and enjoy the TV show. I remembered that it’s the best time for our kids to celebrate the lunar new year because there are so many foods and snacks serving the family and we can get the Red Pocket! Red Pocket is another traditional culture in Chinese New Year. Older family members will put money into a red envelope and give it to younger family members to wish they have good luck in this new year.

This year I was studying in the US but my friends and I were also planning to prepare a nice dinner to welcome our Chinese new year.

Making dumplings, so dumplings in Chinese called 饺子(jiaozi). Every household will be ready for the filling and wrapping according to their own taste on New Year’s Eve that day. When approaching New Year, people will put the wrapped dumplings into to the pot, and then sat together to eat dumplings. This means blessing family reunion.




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