Packing Tips!

As an international student, your packing concerns are going to be radically different from domestic students’. Again, as a self-claimed expert, I present to you the most important packing tips.

  1. Mind the weather.winterCincinnati weather is unpredictable for the most part. It can get rainy, windy, hot, and humid on the same day. Bring some clothes for every weather. Go on google right now and find out more about what the weather is going to be like when you get here. Bring shorts and light shirts if you’re arriving in August. Definitely bring a good rain jacket because I have sacrificed 7 umbrellas to the Gods of Wind. I would also recommend a winter coat and snow boots.

2. You don’t need EVERYTHING.


Do not bring that shirt you never wear, or those socks that only look cute but make your feet itchy, or that giant photo album that is a collection of every picture you have ever taken. You will waste precious luggage room, and you will NEVER use any of it. Only bring things you will need. For clothes, I would recommend more of casual, comfortable clothes, a few professional clothes, and your traditional attire. You can also bring a picture of your family and friends, or something that you love and reminds you of home. You will be able to buy everything else once you get here, so it makes little sense to carry these things all the way from home.

3. Bring at least a week’s worth of everyday supplies.


You will be able to buy everything on campus, or right next to campus, but just to be safe, consider bringing some travel-sized toiletries. Definitely bring any regular medication you take, cleaning solution for your contact lenses, a spare pair of glasses, anything that you use regularly. Do not bring full-sized shampoo bottles, and tooth-paste, and soap, and all else. Please bring deodorant though. You do not want to come to campus smelling bad after a long, long flight.

4. Do not bring books and stationery.


Consider bringing a book for recreational reading at the airport or during your long flight, but please do not bring a bag full of textbooks. Chances are, you will never end up using these. Same goes for stationery.

5. Bring some dry, packaged snacks, or even spices.

You will miss food from home. You will. I know you will. Don’t deny it. You will miss it. So bring some snacks that are unique to your home. You can even bring some spices and herbs so that you can cook traditional food. This is also a great way to make new friends because who doesn’t want to eat some delicious, international food?

Most importantly, make sure you have all the essential travel documents with you in your backpack or hand-carry!


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