Small town or Big city?


When we enter April, it means that the school season is coming as well as it was the hardest time for us to choose a perfect college. Professional? Learning atmosphere? School environment? Location? While considering the major advantages, it is also necessary to consider whether the school is in a big city or a small town.

Cincinnati is a medium-sized city in the United States, about five hours drive from Chicago. I took advantage of all my mid-long holidays to travel to several major cities in the United States. Here I come to tell you about some interesting points I found while traveling

🍃 In the United States, the pace of people’s living in the big cities is very fast. When I went to New York and Chicago to catch the underground, I noticed that everyone was busy and hurried to the next location. But in medium-sized and small cities in the United States, people’s life is slower and more casual. Like I’ve lived in Cincinnati for two years, I’ve found that even on weekdays, I cannot see too many cars and pedestrians on streets. Also on the weekends, generally speaking, everyone will stay at home.

🍃 Another interesting point is the attitude of people to treat others or life. In big cities, the pace of life is fast, and it is common to see all kinds of people and things. The attitude of People is very plain and even indifferent to life. Every day, they follow the list planning to do. In a small city, the pace of life is slow. People here feel so nice, just like they meet a neighbor and say hello.

🍃 There is also a big difference in business and transportation. I went to Oklahoma City and Houston at the same time when I was on my last winter break. Oklahoma City is a medium-sized city. Although it is the capital of the Oklahoma State, it is dominated by agro-industry and oil. High-rise buildings are not common there, and most people were working on their own farms. Few people will go to downtown to work. Houston is not similar to that. From my host family to the airport we nearly spent an hour, I found surprised that the airport side is still the business district. The same thing is true for shopping. In Cincinnati, it takes 20 minutes to get to the big mall, but if you live in a big city, it is next to the school.

These above are just some of my feelings I have seen and experienced when I was traveling🐾 In fact, choosing schools is also a matter of personal preference. In big cities, shopping and transportation are more convenient and there are more new things you can receive every day. In small and medium-sized cities, it is plain, quiet, and very suitable for studying. In one unique kind of environment is that the school is very good, both near the center of the international big city, but also away from the hustle and bustle on a beautiful, quiet green field above

Hope you find your right school (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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