Saturday Movie Night with Tosha

On last Saturday, I hung out with another ambassador Tosha to watch a love comedy called Crazy Rich Asians. To some extent, it tells the story of a farce that Nick Young, the richest family heir in Singapore, brought with his Chinese-American girlfriend, Racheal Chu, to go back to Singapore for a wedding. Some of the episodes in the film did really reflect crazy and rich. Can you imagine in the wedding, the bride walking in the water and go to the groom?  How a beautiful scene!

After watching that, we were so excited to discuss that rich people’s life is too wonderful! (hahaha…!) Later, we went to buy Five guys fries what is one of Tosha’s favorite and sitting near the river. Sitting by the river is really a perfect time for friends to see the scenery at night and chatting. In the meantime, we were also walking across the border between Ohio and Kentucky.  So easy to cross a province! (Ahhhh…)

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