Introducing Arunesh

Hi Everyone!

I’m Arunesh and I’m one of your Ambassadors from India.

I came to UC on Aug 18, 2018. While, I was all excited about my new journey, I was nervous too. When I left India for UC, I knew no one. Although I met many people on my flight, it was a completely new place for me when I arrived. However, as time flew, I made a lot of friends in classes, through clubs and while playing Ping Pong in my dorm lobby (Daniels Hall). At first, it was overwhelming–to be in a different country all by yourself. But later, things start to fall in line.

Within the first week, also known as THE WELCOME WEEK, there were fun sporting events, clubs to meet with people and of course the free cookies! Here is an awesome fact for you: for some reason, Americans love cookies and I’m starting to like them. So you will find free cookies nearly every day while on your way to classes. Moreover, during the first week, I met some awesome people who are now my friends. We hang out together in our dorms, food courts and even sometimes in Downtown Cincinnati!

It has been just 2 months at UC and things are getting exciting! Right now, I, along with my team, are trying to build a robot from a Mindstorm Kit. It’s a part of our ENED (Engineering Design and Thinking) course. In fact, ENED Course has been redesigned this year, and our batch is the first one to enrol in it. Since I always loved Physics, this is one of the most interesting classes that I attend at CEAS (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences).

There is no easy answer to how will be college? All I can say is You Need To Risk it For the Biscuit!


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