Introduction : Duc


My name is Duc Nguyen and I am a student Ambassador from Vietnam. I am a freshman majoring in International Business at the University of Cincinnati (UC). I have been in America for 4 years since my sophomore year of high school so going to college in America was not a big problem to me. Throughout my high school career, I have been to the state of Georgia, Alabama and Arizona, so adapting to new environmenst is not something new to me. However, I was nervous before coming to UC because I knew no one that lived in Ohio and I had no idea what to expect here. Surprisingly, my first day at orientation was awesome, I met new friends from all over the world, from Vietnam, China, Nepal to Australia! The welcome week really helped me to get used to campus and all of what it has to offer.

I live in Daniels Hall, one of the dorms on campus, and I enjoy the community here. My neighbors are friendly, and you can even walk in their room and say hi. Living in a dorm your first year on campus is important for your growth because that is where you are going to practice your communication skills, being more involved on campus, doing what you love to do within minutes. My favorite place on UC campus is the Recreation Center, they have everything that you ever wanted in a gym – work out equipment, hot tubs, to even basketball courts!

I would love to show you guys more about UC and I hope that I will see you here in the future. Go Bearcats!

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