Introduction: Weijie (Li)

你好 (Hello), everyone! My name is Weijie Li. I am a junior-year international student from Humen, Guangdong, China. My major is Economics, with a Minor in Insurance and risk management at the University of Cincinnati. In my friend’s eyes, I am a self-disciplined, reliable, and helpful person. At the same time, I consider myself a person who is really passionate about doing some activities that allow me to give back to the community and get involved on campus.

Currently, I am working as an international student ambassador at UC, I am the Co-president of a student organization named PandaCATs, a student leader of an international student organization called Bridge, an active member of a professional business fraternity called AKPsi, and I am a student volunteer for multiple non-profit organizations off-campus.

A fun fact about myself is I am a big road-trip fan, In 2018 summer, I went on a road-trip around nine thousand miles by myself, and so far, I have been to over 40 states in the United States. My domestic friends often make fun of themselves by saying they have not even been to over ten states in the US, even if they are American!

And my favorite thing about UC is its diverse and inclusive campus vibes. Around four thousand international students have come from all around the world to study at UC. And there are many diverse and interesting student organizations with different cultural backgrounds. So don’t worry that you cannot find your people. I am looking forward to seeing you around campus in the future!

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