What you Need in your UC Housing

There are a number of residence halls in UC and some of them look different from one another while some are quite similar. There are a number of things/items that you would generally need.

First you would need basic bathroom supplies like toilet paper, face and body towels, showering and laundry soap, tooth paste and brush. You would also need to carry items you would use to clean your dorm like a rag to clean the floor. You would also need a laundry bag to keep your dirty laundry.

If the resident hall you have decided to stay in has a kitchen, you would be required to bring some pans, plates and other utensils. You would also need an oven cleaner and a small rug too.

You would also need a heavy and warm blanket because it can get really cold and really – hot the weather here is very bipolar. You would also have to carry beddings/bed sheets, pillows and clothes hangers. You might also need to bring things like notebooks, tape, scissors and other scholastic material to help you study.

Things like a televisions, video games consoles and speakers are not required but you could bring them as well for your personal entertainment. You could also find most of the things you would need here at nearby stores like Target, Urban outfitters, Foot Locker, Walgreens and many other stores.

These stores are really close to residence halls and are affordable and well equipped with items you would need.

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