Things To Do In The Summer Before College


Make sure to look out for emails from the university informing you about orientation week. There is a lot of key information provided in these meeting sessions that would give you a flying head start once classes actually begin. Whether Orientation is in person or virtual, it’s beneficial to attend so that you know what to expect and get your questions answered.

Get in touch with your Roommates

Whether you were randomly assigned a roommate or picked a roommate, you need to get into contact with them and plan what you want in your residence hall. It would also be nice to get to know them as a person so that you have a connection before you get to campus. There are several ways of finding roommates, usually the university creates a facebook group chat for the incoming class or you could check your roommate via the housing portal if you were randomly assigned one.
You will fill out a survey when applying for housing that helps indicate your compatibility with another Bearcat in case you were to choose random selection.


Make a list of items you would need in your residence hall with your roommate and personal items you might find useful. Making a list in the summer is easier than at last minute because some items are not all sold in the same place or might run out of stock, so its always good to shop for non-perishable items a little earlier.

Follow the School’s Social Media Platforms

Look at UC’s instagram page and UCinternational’s instagram and facebook and get involved with the various organizations that are featured on there and could just learn more about them before you come to campus. You could also visit campus link ( Here you can sign up or view events hosted by organizations on campus.

Register for Classes and Get to Know your Advisor

Curricula | University of Cincinnati Law - University of Cincinnati College  of Law | University Of Cincinnati

This point sounds a little obvious but you should ensure that your classes for the semester are on your schedule and have a reminder in your calendar or buy a small board that you can hang up and keep track of all your activities and classes. Get to know your advisor because they are very helpful in the long run.

Good luck, and see you at UC!

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