How to get Involved with Student Organizations and Why You Should

There are a number of clubs and student organizations at the University of Cincinnati. So far, there are over 500 organizations registered at UC ranging from politics and development to academics, sports, fraternities and sororities.

It’s exciting on how easy it is to join clubs and student organizations. These clubs and organizations are all found on Campus Link. All you have to do is follow the link and log in with your UC student credentials. The log in page should look as follows:

After you log in, you should be prompted to the campus link home page and be able to navigate a great deal of student organizations and clubs. You will also be able to see up coming events from various clubs so that you get more involved and never miss out.

Why is it important to join clubs and student organizations?

Joining a club or student organization is beneficial in many ways. Depending on what club or organization you have decided to join, there are a variety of new skills you could develop like team work and time management which will further mature you and prepare you for the world after college.

Furthermore, once you join a club or student organization, you could put this on your resume and inform your future employers on what particular tasks you did or what your contribution to the club was and this might make it easier for you to get hired.

In addition to that, joining a club or student organization connects you to vast community of people and friends and business partners are made. Most clubs and organizations have alumni that still connect with the organization and these connections could also help you get internships.

Distinguished Alumni | UC Blue Ash College | University Of Cincinnati

In conclusion, joining a club or student organization will enable you to find more opportunities in the field that you choose to join. Also, in case the club or student organization you want to join does not exist, you are able to create one and register it with the university!

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