Orientation and Move in: What to Expect

All the months of planning and preparation have led to this moment – you finally arrive at UC to start your college journey! It is time to move into dorms, meet new friends at orientation and say goodbye to family. It is a very exciting, nerve-wracking and busy time so I am going to tell you what to expect during your first week in Cincinnati and my tips as you settle in and adjust to college life.


  • You will be sent a schedule of orientation activities before you arrive. I suggest reviewing the schedule so you know where you need to be before getting to Cincinnati.
  • Orientation is a great chance to meet your first college friends. You will be put into smaller groups for specific activities. Take this time to make a few connections. Remember everyone around you is new and looking to meet people!

Getting around campus

  • If this is your first time on campus I would definitely suggest taking the time to get to know your bearings and where your college buildings are. You will go on a tour during orientation so pay attention and go for a walk around campus a few more times to feel confident in your surroundings before classes start.

Move In

  • You will be assigned a move in date/time based on your dorm and living situation. No matter what time you are assigned, it will be busy with students, RA’s and families, so be prepared to move your things quickly and efficiently.
  • Take the time to meet your RA and other students on your hall. You will see these people a lot throughout the year so this is a great time get to know them.

Creating a class schedule

  • You will put together your class schedule during orientation. I would suggest finding out where all of your classrooms/ lecture halls are before the first week of classes start.

I hope this helped you to understand what to expect in your first week in Cincinnati. Orientation and move in are definitely some of my favorite memories I have of college. It was so much fun to meet new people and explore the place that would be my home for the next four years!

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