Winter break- ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’

Flying home It’s that time of the year when the temperature drops to a single digit of degree Celsius. It’s the time where all the birds migrate South to escape the freezing cold of the Winter. And that is exactly what I did for the Winter break. I flew South. I went home. Family It’s…

UC International Taste

11/08/2015 UC International Taste is one of the biggest food event which takes place in TUC Great Hall every November. There are food coming all over

Singapore Experience- Everything You Could’ve Asked For!

  Singapore Experience is a professional experience program provided in an overseas environment, specifically in Singapore. Students applied to the program and accepted get to interview with companies that are most suited to their majors and fields of study.

#UC Food shock/ Diversity 2

FOOD DIVERSITY! Even though I have meal plans on campus, the repetitiveness bored me. Therefore, there’s no other way. I have to escape from campus and find restaurant to try out new food. Until you stepped out of campus, you would not know how many restaurants and stores surround around campus, especially on Calhoun and…