My First Halloween in America

It’s the Halloween season again! Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this festival. It was all because my first Halloween memory was a little…scary.

I attended my final year of high school as a transfer student in the States, so I spent my first Halloween at my house mom’s home. The area we lived had always been known for its peaceful and quiet environment, however it was a little different that night. Every house was decorated with ghosts, spiders and pumpkins; even my house mom put up some Halloween decohalloween-costumerations.

When the night came, I was helping my house mom prepare the Halloween candies for Trick or Treat. We also opened the outer door and left only the glass door closed so that we can see the children when they came for the candies. Before anyone visited us, I was so excited and couldn’t help thinking about what I should say to those naughty kids. At that time, someone knock the door, I turned around and saw a full skeleton standing in front of me… I screamed and just stand still there until my house mom ran to me after hearing my screaming. She opened the door for the “skeleton” and showed me that it was just a kid wearing a skeleton costume. Even after seeing the cute little boy, I still was in shock but they were laughing at me. Yes, it was only costume, but it was so real that I still remember it even today, four years later. Before this all happened, I thought I was ready for this unique American festival, but obviously my reactions showed that I was not prepared for it at all.

So my advice for you all is that please be ready for the scary Halloween! I learned this lesson in the hard way, but now I would laugh at myself whenever I recalls these first time memory. Haha… I hope you all have a better memory of your first Halloween in the States.

Learn more about the history of Halloween and how it is celebrated today with this quick video:



Coming Home Project 2016- meeting incoming Vietnamese students

The summer 2016, I also have a chance to meet incoming Vietnamese student at VietAbroader College Fair. I invite incoming students to volunteer for UC booth at the college fair. At the same time, I want to meet the incoming freshman and answer any questions that they wonder about college life.

The event was very successful as we enable to talk to a lot interested prospective students as they are interested in majors within the College of Design (DAAP), College of Architecture (CEAS) as well as College of Business (Lindner). I am looking forward for the next coming home event and talk to incoming as well as prospective students.



Summer in Eastern Europe

Last summer, I had a chance to visit Eastern Europe with my family. Since I was doing co-op in Singapore last summer, I utilize this summer spending more time with my family. A get away trip is perfect after a long year at UC and not meeting my parents, relatives and sibling. I had a change to visit Zurich, Munich, Prague and Budapest.

Most people say that Eastern Europe will not be amazing as Western Europe. It will not be amazing as Paris, Barcelona or Amsterdam. However, Eastern Europe is very beautiful and has its hidden charm. There are not a lot of tourist comparing to other Western Europe cities so I enable to experience the culture more authentically. If you had a chance to travel anywhere, I would totally recommend to visit Eastern Europe. It is a safe, charming and beautiful region to explore.