My First Zip-line Experience

Wondering where you can visit for a short trip? Don’t worry, there are many places around Cincy that you can visit. Cincinnati is located at southwestern of Ohio and is adjacent to state of Indiana and Kentucky, which means you can easily plan a trip to another state within driving distance.

Last week was the reading break that we have been waiting for, which also called fall break. Because it was perfect time for student to take a break from our busy semester and relax a little. My friends and I visited the Louisville Mega Cavern in Kentucky, which is World’s only fully underground zip line course. It was also ranked as number one attraction in Louisville, which is only one and half hour driving distance from Cincinnati. We left home in the morning and arrived Louisville by noon, so we found a highly recommended restaurant on yelp and had a delicious lunch there.


Mega Quest for kids

With full of energy and excitement, we finally arrived the Louisville Mega Cavern and began our adventure. They have 5 programs that we can choose from, Mega Zips, Mega Quest, Mega Tram, Mega Bikes and Mega E-bikes. We really wanted to try Mega E-bike, which allows you to explore the underground cave by taking the mountain bike. But because of the schedule conflict, we only tried Mega Zips, which was an amazing two hours tour with six underground zip-lines. When we walked into the cave, it was dark and little scary. But after I tried my first zip-line, which by the way was called “Hell of Fire” (little intense, right? I thought so…), I was not as nervous as before and started enjoying my adventure. My friends and I took many great pictures and recorded videos, which will become our precious memory after we graduated from college. Overall, it was an amazing one day trip! If you have time, you should definitely plan for it as well.

You will have plenty opportunities to explore when you are in college, so be prepared!


Find the steps of Autumn — Hiking in Smoking Mountain


My roommates and I have decided to go to Great Smoking Mountain for hiking! We started our trip after our classes on last Friday. It took us 5 hours drive from Cincinnati to Smoking Mountain National Park. We arrived there at night but we have fallen in love with this city for its beautiful views at first night.

Smoking Mountain National Park is a lush forest with an abundance of wildflowers, wild animals and plants. On the other hand, we can say Smoking Mountain National Park is a big entertainment place that attracts many Americans to travel there. We really enjoyed this trip by hiking in the hills, trying some delicious food, and shooting some beautiful pictures. Streams, rivers, and waterfalls appear along hiking routes and it accompanies with the sounds of birds and insects. It really helps us to find the peace in our mind as well as disperse the depression and pressure.

Maybe for some tourists, the best part was having fun at night. Bustling streets and crowds of tourists can represent another special scene in this tourism recreation. We arrived our home, Cincinnati around 4pm with a delightful mood for each one after an unusual trip.




How to deal with busyness


Hi Future Bearcats:

“How are you?”

I hope your answer would be all “good” or “pretty good”. But if you ask me “how are you?” right now, my answer probably would be “busy” or “very busy” (This is how senior year of college looks like, so enjoy your freshman year!).  I am sure there are a lot of people who would have the same answer as me in today’s society. Because everyone is always busy doing something, either at work, at school or even at home. It is especially for you who are standing at fork in the road of life, now is critical moment for you. You are probably facing a lot of pressure from your parents, from your teachers or just from yourself. But I want you to know that you are doing great! It is not easy process to transit from high school to college, but you can definitely do it. Trust me, just as the rainbow after heavy rain is BEAUTIFUL, your college life after this hard time is BEAUTIFUL as well.

636042008507526813-864517055_busy girl

Just to help you (and myself) get through this busy schedule, I listed two suggestions that hopefully make this process smoother.

  • Based on a quick online survey, to the majority of people, “busy” usually means “unavailable”, “buried”, “overloaded”, “swamped”, and etc. However, when we speak those negative words out loud, our mind will react passively and we will act reluctantly. Scientific evidences proved that words we use daily can be extremely power and shape how our brain interpret our actions. So if we can change our perspectives on “busy” by using positive synonym, such as “engaged”, “captivated”, “productive”, “abundant”, our minds will not regard the “busyness” as burden. As a result, we can finish our tasks with high efficiency.
  • Even when we have extremely busy schedule, we should make time for exercising and relaxing. If we constantly overwhelm ourselves with endless work, our body will soon “collapse” and we can get sick easily, which will slow us down even more. Adequate exercise allows our body and our mind to be free from the busy schedule and releases pressures that have been piled up in ourselves. My personal experience taught me that exercising is a great way to refresh our minds and to keep our body healthy. I strongly recommend you to add it into your tight schedule even if just for twenty minutes every day.

I hope the above suggestions can be useful to you. But if you have some kind trick to balance your busy schedule, I would love to hear from you as well. Please feel free to comment or contact me directly.