Snapchat-4915767512375987736This is my 2nd semester working with Siemens PLM Software in Milford, Ohio. I was assigned to work with the NX Routing team. I mainly worked with the User Interface of NX. I was responsible for designing and creating a Dialog Box in the NX Routing application. This project enabled me to learn the NX Development Environment. I also participated in the Siemens Hackathon and our idea was to develop an Active Workspace search using Hadoop. Hadoop is an open-source framework that allows to store and process big data in a distributed environment across clusters of computers using simple programming models. As a part of Siemens PLM Software, I participated in Solid Edge University 2015 where I got a chance to learn Solid Edge. Solid Edge is another designing software by Siemens that addresses all aspects of the product development process – 3D design, simulation and manufacturing design management. Snapchat-399490443934057927

Spring’ 15 – Coop With Siemens Plm Software

Abhishek co-opThis semester I am working with Siemens PLM Software for my first Co-op. I landed this Co-op job through the Career fair held on UC’s campus. Two days after my interview over the phone, I was offered a Co-op position with Siemens in Milford, Ohio and as this was a great offer, I accepted it immediately. My Co-op experience has been great thus far. I have recently completed an honors experience of coding a very complex tool that shall assist my supervisor and my team members in a big way. Co-ops are a great way to gain hands on knowledge of what is new in the market in the field of your major. They also ensure that you grow professionally and establish good relations with the professionals in your field. Since it is in line with your major, you can use the knowledge gained during the Co-op term even at school. I have a learnt a new scripting language called Perl by myself in order to code the tool that I am developing for my team. Co-ops also follow the semester dates of your college and are a great way to earn good money. I shall be using the money that I have earned at Siemens PLM to pay my tuition fee for the Summer semester. Since all my friends also work at Siemens, we all enjoy working there.

Landing Your First Co-Op Job

My hunt for a Co-op job has now come to an end. I’ve landed a Co-op job with Siemens PLM software for the spring semester of 2015. UC has Co-op advisers who help you in your job hunt. All students are made to take an Introduction to Co-op class in the second semester of their freshmen year. In this class students are taught how to build a resume, interview etiquette, preparing elevator speeches and the legal aspects of working with a company in the United States. This class helps in a big way in landing your first Co-op job. UC also holds a huge career fair where companies from all over the country are there to recruit students for full time and Co-op positions.