Snow Tubing!!


I went snow tubing for the first time this weekend!


I also got stuck in a tube for the first time!

Snow tubing is so much fun! If it were a sport, it would be my sport because you just sit in a tube and slide down ice super fast. It is possible to make it more adventurous by sliding down on your belly instead, but just sitting in the tube is fun too. This one time, when my tube was picking up speed, I saw a glove on my lane and tried to pick it. Bad idea. My tube did a weird spin and I panicked! I lived to tell the tale though.

This was an event organized by UC International. They frequently organize these fun events for international students so that we can get to know more about American culture, and be friends with other students here.

At the end of the day, we sat by a lovely fire and had hot chocolate.


A bonfire and hot chocolate to end a fun day!

sydney opera house

Short Study Tour, is it worth $4000?

One of a perk of being a Bearcat is to get access to many study abroad trips and resources to study/work abroad. Most of international study tours are expensive, like around $4000 for a 10-day-trip. But if you’re going in a real study abroad for a semester, it can be different. Through my experience, I will walk you through my thought process of WHY I choose to be in a study tour.

I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia for 10 days during winter break 2016 to study about Economy of Immigration. It was a short trip and some of my friends wondered if it was worth the money.  Is it worth?


Inside the flight cockpit

A tour at DHL CVG Hub!

Back in November, Cary and I visited the DHL freight hub at Cincinnati/Northen Kentucky International Airport. Cary and I are both Operations Management major and we took the Operations Tour class, where we had the chance to visit several factories and manufacturing plans. The tour helped us to understand the applications of operations in many different sectors, which are not limited to manufacturing, transportation, and service.



DHL flight control room


The DHL CVG Hub has been expanded recently in 2013 which cost up to $105 million. One of the reasons DHL choose Cincinnati as their main hub in the U.S is that the Hub can connect to 80% U.S population within 6 hours of flights.



Awesome ride in the flight control room


We started the tour at 11 pm on a Friday night and completed the tour at 5 am next Saturday morning. However, the whole experience was very rewarding as we learned a lot the operations at DHL. We visited the warehouse, the control room, and the ramp operations at the aircraft.


Inside the cargo aircraft

If you are thinking of taking Operations Management, Operations class tour is one of the classed that you should take. The class teaches how operations are used in real life applications.