Easy steps to file your taxes as UC students

I recently learned that some international students still haven’t filed their taxes yet, and some of them even planning on not filing them. Well, filing taxes are actually not that hard and it is very important for you. I would like to share my personal experiences about how I filed my taxes with the information and instruction that were provided by our school as following:



Here are the simple steps:

  1. Go to https://ibearcatsglobal.uc.edu and login
  2. Click “Glacier Tax Preparation”
  3. Click “Access Glacier Tax Prep”
  4. Create an account
  5. Fill out everything that fit you
  6. Follow the instruction on the result page


If you have worked last year and make money, you also need to file state tax separately. You can find help from Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and here is their website: https://www.law.uc.edu/current-students/student-orgs/volunteer-income-tax-assistance. With their help, I finished filing my state tax in about 15 minutes. They can also help you with your federal tax and answer any questions you have relating your tax filing. Also, this service is free. However, the VITA team provides assistance until April 13th (last day) for this year. If you didn’t know about VITA and would like to get help from them next time, don’t miss the chance.


Tips about mailing your taxes:

  1. You can mail your taxes at postal offices, FedEx, DHL, etc.
  2. Make sure you have enough stamps.
  3. Federal taxes and State taxes are different, you need to mail them separately to different addresses.
  4. The deadline to mail your taxes is Tuesday, April 18, 2017 (This is not the normal deadline. The normal deadline for taxes in the USA is April 15.)


This is my personal experience as an international student who had worked last year and had income. This might not be applicable to everyone, but may be helpful especially if you follow the instruction on our school’s tax filing website stated above.


Good Luck,

Cary Lin


Empowerment Day

As a women in Business Economics major, I learn a lot about gender inequality in the work place, how does it impact our society and new generations, how this inequality has been eliminated by more opportunity in education for women and improvement in healthcare. Of all the movements men and women have done to fight for gender equality and the rights for education, politics, healthcare for women, the act of empowerment is one of the most important one. It makes sure to pass on the courage for younger women to fight for what they believe in and deserve.


From 32 degrees to 65 degrees

This spring break, I went to Orlando, Florida where the weather was just perfect. Florida is only a 2-hours flight away from Cincinnati. After living in 32 degrees Fahrenheit in Cincinnati, 65 degrees in Orlando felt so good. Spring break is a week-long break around mid-spring semester when college kids usually travel to warmer places or just enjoy sleeping in.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Universal Studios, Orlando.


It’s a miracle that there’s only one guy in this picture because Universal was so crowded! 


As a self-proclaimed biggest Harry Potter fan, I loved everything about the Harry Potter world there! 


They also have a very realistic looking Gringotts. The dragon on top of it breathes real fire!


I took a train from King’s Cross to Hogwarts!!!!


On board the Hogwarts Express!!!

I loved the Universal Studios! All of the 4D rides were very realistic, but I am biased towards the Harry Potter ones.


I also went to a beach for the first time!! 

All of my hopes and dreams came true this spring break. I went to Hogwarts, flew on a broomstick, and went to the beach.

There is always a ton of fun stuff to do during spring break.